New HD Projection for Palgrave Cinema

Now installed is our Sony HD Projector which gives a cinema quality picture for the first time in Palgrave. So good is this projection system is that CinemaCity in Norwich installed the same projector in their screening room.

For the first time in Palgrave and in fact any village hall around the county

is a pristine quality picture on our big screen to rival any local cinema.

Coupled with our Dolby Digital 7.2 sound system we will present all our films as you would experience them at a town cinema without the mobile phones, popcorns and expensive prices.

Our previous projector which showed 58 films during the four years films have been at Palgrave is now in the bar lounge and will provide laptop presentation on the new screen fitted in the room. This will be for meetings, conferences etc .

We also have portable staging units which will be used to give us raised seating at the rear of the hall for film nights when needed.

Films have never been better and are presented just like they should be.