About Us

Palgrave Community Cinema was formed over two and a half years ago. A friend of mine ran a village cinema in Essex and this was the inspiration for me to organise one in my local area. I visited many village cinemas and once retired decided to do my own.

Initially we joined Suffolk Cinema Network, an organisation that encourages community film screenings across the county by providing equipment to screen films in community halls. throughout Suffolk. We had to get the equipment on a Friday from Halsworth Cut Theatre for the Saturday film shows and return it Monday. It used to fill my car to the brim with very heavy equipment. It took a couple of hours with two to three people in puttng up the screen, linking in the sound and setting up the projector in the Community Centres Kitchen. The screen had dirty marks and the sound a bit muffled and there was once when the projector broke down halfway through the film. But it proved a success. I then applied for a BIg Lottery Funding and after two attempts I gained a grant to put our own equipment into the hall. This provided our projector and retractable eletric screen and all the curtaining. Our main curtains are on an electircal system which I got from Ebay, but when it came , it had Chinese instructions on a dvd. It wasnt easy to erect and nobody was more surprised than me when the curtains open and closed by remote control. To this day I do not know how it works nor do I want to find out.

Over the two years we have had monthly films and great audiences, which I would thank everyone for their support. Recently we decided to update the whole system and purchased a Dolby Digital surrround system which we fitted ourselves. This enhances our presentations into films as they are in the cinemas without driving to major towns and paying high prices both to enter a cinema and parking.

We remain an affiliate member of Suffolk Cinema Network and attend their meetings allowing me to learn what other village cinemas are doing. At this time we are the only one that’s has such a sophisticated sound system or website. We are also going to look into the future of digital presentations where the film is shown from a digi box rather than a Blue Ray or DVDs disc.

The Community Centre Bar and Main Hall have been refurbished and we have some new comfortable seats.

I very much value the support of all who come to our cinema, its such a lovely community evening each time in the company of wonderful local people.

Robert Moore